Run your traditional Desktop Windows apps... from anywhere!


What is AppAnywhere?

We provide Windows Server environments to host your traditional desktop Windows applications.

Using our service, you can run your Windows apps either "on the cloud" or use a server on your own premises if you prefer.

Either way, you will be able to access them from practically any location (with internet) or any device (such as iPads), even if your applications hadn't been designed with "The Cloud" or scalability in mind.

AppAnywhere has experience in integrating specialised software onto Remote Desktop Services in a way which ensures smooth, seamless access.


Technology Platform

We can provide Windows Server 2012 R2 (or below), Microsoft Office 2016 (or below), Remote Desktop Services, and RemoteApp environments.

We can integrate applications which you supply to work with the technology platform.

Our platform utilises the full Windows Server product (with all features available such as Active Directory & IIS). The backend uses Microsoft Hyper-V, with Hyper-V Replica for Disaster Recovery.

Simplified and Economical

We handle the licensing of Microsoft Software running on our platform for you. Our monthly subscription fees include the cost of the Microsoft Licensing, avoiding the need for you to worry about confusing and overly-restrictive licensing terms, expensive upfront licensing costs, and far-reaching technology lifecycles.

It is easy to upgrade to a new server, and you can use (or re-use if it is powerful enough) your own server hardware.

As a Microsoft Partner, we use the Microsoft SPLA program to make this possible.

Experience and Support

We are experienced in deploying and supporting these technologies.

We can provide basic management of many 3rd Party applications you need to run on the platform.

We are happy to deal with your 3rd Party Software providers to reach solutions rather than getting into a "blame game".

We do what it takes to reach the right outcomes for our clients.

We tailor a solution to your needs, within a reasonable budget.